2024 SC Legislative Session Recap: Insights and Advocacy from ConservaTruth

2024 SC Legislative Session Recap: Insights and Advocacy from ConservaTruth

Published May 8, 2024

Thursday (5/9/24) marks not only the conclusion of this year's legislative session but also the end of a two-year cycle. What this means for unpassed bills is simple: they're done. Kaput. Next year, if they're to have any hope, they must start the grueling process anew.

At ConservaTruth, we launched this year with a vision: to serve as vigilant watchdogs, ensuring that any passed legislation adhered strictly to conservative ideals—limited government, free markets, and the protection of individual rights and responsibilities. Our goal was to educate South Carolinians about legislation that contradicts these principles and champion bills that uphold them. Honestly, we spent more time debunking than advocating. It's hard to point to one bill that truly embodied conservative values this session.

Some claim we are too critical of legislators. It’s true, our analyses are direct and unwavering, which might give the impression that we are uncompromising or out of sync with legislative intentions. This stance has drawn sharp criticism from some quarters, particularly regarding our blog and social media content. However, let’s set the record straight: our objective is not to disparage lawmakers. In fact, we have never disrespected or singled out any legislator. Our focus is strictly on providing analysis that is grounded in the objective truths of each bill and the implications of its consequences. Our mission is to deliver principled, factual analysis based solely on the actual text of the legislation, always adhering to constitutional principles that protect the rights of the citizenry.

Here's a hard truth we've come to realize: more laws equate to bigger government. It's that straightforward. Many South Carolinians advocate for legislative solutions to conservative issues, which is valid. However, it seems lost on many that South Carolina already possesses a plethora of laws that address daily grievances. Yet, legislators shy away from reviewing the effectiveness of these existing laws. Instead, they prefer piling on new laws, which ultimately weakens those robust existing laws that could have solved issues more efficiently. Additionally, the reluctance to repeal outdated laws remains a major frustration.

This legislative season has been an eye-opener. If conservatives in South Carolina don't become more informed and engaged, this cycle of excessive lawmaking will persist, slowly eroding the very rights we cherish. This might sound like a conspiracy theory, but it's a simple legislative reality: each new law is a step towards greater governmental control and, by extension, increased police power.

Now, let’s discuss the bills we've tracked this session. For updates on these, you can click here and review the bills we have been tracking. We’ve attempted to keep you informed on the progress of these bills, though this represents just a fraction of what's been passed. Unfortunately, our limited resources prevented us from reviewing every bill. 

One more thing.

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That’s all for now. We look forward to bringing you more blog posts that will help you become an informed conservative voter and hold your representatives accountable for their legislative actions.

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