South Carolina's House Resolutions 4695 & 4735

South Carolina's House Resolutions 4695 & 4735

Published Jan 9, 2024

South Carolina's House Resolution 4695 proposes a significant change to the legislative process by amending Rule 9 of the House Rules. This change, termed Rule 9.7, intends to limit the number of amendments a House member can file as the primary sponsor during the second reading of any bill. Specifically, each member would be restricted to five amendments. Additionally, the resolution mandates that the primary sponsor of an amendment must remain in their assigned seat throughout the discussion and debate of the amendment on second reading. Exceptions are allowed if a primary sponsor is granted leave of absence from the House; in such cases, they can designate another member to represent them, or the Speaker may withdraw the amendment​​.

Bill 4695, aimed at amending House Rule 9 in South Carolina, demonstrates a worrying trend towards legislative micromanagement. Restricting representatives to only five amendments per bill on second reading? That's a direct affront to legislative creativity and responsiveness. Our representatives are elected to voice our concerns – this rule handcuffs them. If your representative can't fully advocate for your interests due to arbitrary limits, what's the point? This isn't just an inconvenience; it's a fundamental erosion of democratic representation. South Carolinians deserve better. They voted for legislators, not rule-bound puppets.

House Bill 4735 proposes an amendment to Rule 8.6 in the South Carolina House of Representatives. This amendment changes how debate is concluded on a bill or resolution. After three hours of debate, any member can move to end the debate. If the majority agrees, no new amendments can be added unless they have two-thirds of the House's support. The Majority and Minority leaders then choose up to twelve amendments each, plus one additional amendment, for consideration. Each amendment is given up to six minutes for explanation and opposition. Finally, a two-hour debate on the bill follows, with equal time for both sides.

Bill 4735's proposed changes to the South Carolina House Rules reek of unnecessary bureaucracy. By scrapping the motion period and overhauling the cloture process, the bill threatens the essential dynamism of legislative debate. It's a straightjacket on the legislative process, stifling the voices of those we elected to represent us. South Carolinians didn't vote for red tape; they voted for action. This bill, in its cumbersome complexity, could hinder our legislators from effectively advocating for the needs of their constituents. It's a step towards legislative inefficiency, not the streamlined governance South Carolinians deserve.

Call to Action

Improving the situation involves proactive civic engagement. You can voice your concerns by directly contacting the members of the South Carolina House Rules Committee. Expressing your opposition to these changes in a clear, concise manner can make a significant impact. It's important to explain how the bill could adversely affect the legislative process and the representation of South Carolinians. Personalizing your message with specific concerns related to your community or interests can also be effective. Remember, as a constituent, your opinion holds weight in shaping the decisions of your elected representatives.

Committee Office Number is 803-734-3113

Anne Thayer: 864-224-2919 (
Lucas Atkinson: 843-423-8237 (
Don Chapman: 864-940-6676 (
Pat Henegan: 843-479-7838 (
Kathy Landing: 803-212-6975 (
Cody Mitchell: 803-427-6487 (
Carla Schuessler: 843-222-1358 (
Will Wheeler: 803-428-3161 (
Cal Forrest: 803-685-5576 (
Case Brittain: 803-907-3191 (
Kevin Hardee: 843-455-3567 (
Davey Hiott: 864-878-9832 (
Phillip Lowe: 843-662-1234 (
Brandon Newton: 803-320-9615 (
Ivory Thigpen: 803-699-8171 (

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