H3295: Competency-based Education

H3295: Competency-based Education

Published Feb 22, 2024

Brace yourselves: the Senate is on the brink of passing another education law. H3295, or Competency-based Education, has a nice ring to it, right? But dive a bit deeper (it only takes five minutes), and you'll uncover it's just another method to shovel in more educational "equity."

The Aurora Institute, a major player in promoting this approach, offers a glossy definition. 

According to the powers that be (including legislators and the SC Department of Education), Competency-based education is supposedly about students showcasing mastery of certain skills. The problem? They're deliberately fuzzy on what these skills actually are. However, Aurora isn't beating around the bush as much.

Let's unpack the supposed pillars of this system:

  • Measurable learning objectives? Who's making these up?

  • Personalized learning? (More like maybe, online learning?)

  • Constant assessments and feedback. Translation: more tests, more tracking.

  • The curriculum's direction? Given that much of it leans LEFT, expect more biases.

PAUSE: According to James Lindsay, is the founder of New Discourses (great resource!)

Btw, if you can't immediately hear why something called "competency-based education" is an obvious disaster, you're completely lost still. You have to start learning to hear and see through their scams, the exact same ones that ensnare Republicans again and again. (Source)

“Competency-based education” already stands for a very different approach to education than most people would expect and is a LEFT way to legalize the kind of standards and bring down expectations for all students, in part because many students will not attain high standards and these are not necessarily desired for all in the new approach.

What a disaster we're in, with Title 59 ballooning and educational freedom dwindling. To end on a gloomy note: H3295 is up for discussion in the Full Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 10 a.m. Reach out to your senator, and urge them to reject this bill. Why the senator, you ask? Because there's an absolute certainty this bill will breeze through the education committee. Even worse, expect it to get butchered with amendments that only degrade it further.

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