How to Ensure Your SC Legislative Candidate is Truly Conservative

How to Ensure Your SC Legislative Candidate is Truly Conservative

Published June 9, 2024

The South Carolina Primary is coming up on June 11, and every legislator is up for re-election. It's time for South Carolina conservatives to make sure we're voting for candidates who genuinely uphold conservative values. But how do you figure out if a candidate is truly conservative, especially if they’ve never held office before or are challenging an incumbent? Here's a straightforward guide to help you out.

PAUSE: Definition of Conservative

A conservative believes in preserving traditional values, limiting government intervention, and upholding the principles of a republic. They oppose legal plunder, where the government takes from one group to give to another. Conservatives champion personal responsibility, free markets, and minimal government interference in daily life. They strive to protect individual freedoms without infringing on the rights of others.

Ok, let’s begin.

Dig Into Their Background

Start by looking into their history. Check their official websites and social media profiles. (You’ll find a lot on them by checking out their Facebook pages.) Look for any signs they support big government or avoid protecting individual liberties. If they’ve promoted policies that expand government control or increase taxes, they're probably not as conservative as they claim.

Scrutinize Endorsements

Endorsements are often misleading and biased. Don’t take them at face value. Research who is endorsing the candidate. Do these endorsers have a solid record of supporting true conservatives, or do they frequently back moderates or liberals? Don’t trust endorsements blindly—do your homework.

Attend Public Events

Whenever you can, go to town hall meetings, debates, or public forums where the candidates are speaking. This is your chance to ask direct questions and see if they genuinely support conservative principles. Are they talking about reducing government size, protecting personal freedoms, and sticking to the Constitution? If they’re dodging questions or being vague, that’s a red flag.

Follow the Money

Look at their campaign contributions. Financial reports are often available through the South Carolina State Election Commission. See who’s funding them. If they’re getting money from organizations or individuals known for supporting liberal policies, they might not be the conservative they say they are.

And if their top donor is an electric vehicle company that loves government subsidies, you’ve got your answer.

Check Their Voting Record (If They Have One)

For incumbents or former officeholders, their voting record is key. Websites like Vote Smart, Ballotpedia, ConservaTruth, Palmetto State Watch, or Jonathon's Bad Bill List can show you how they’ve voted on important issues. Focus on votes related to government spending, taxation, and individual rights. True conservatives consistently vote against policies that increase government power or infringe on personal liberties.

Use ConservaTruth Legislative Watchdog Articles

ConservaTruth provides in-depth articles that scrutinize legislative behavior. Our watchdog reports spotlight bills that violate conservative principles, offering you a comprehensive understanding of these bills and an opportunity to delve deeper into legislative voting records. These resources are indispensable for making an informed decision.

Talk to Fellow Conservatives

Discuss the candidates with your neighbors, friends, and local conservative groups. Share information and insights. Grassroots discussions often reveal details you won’t find online. Encourage everyone to research thoroughly and vote—every informed vote strengthens our cause.

You may want to avoid speaking to the GOP establishment types. Most of the time, they’ll just tell you to vote for an establishment candidate or the lesser of two evils. We need to aim higher than that.

Ignore Mailers and Ads

Political mailers and ads are more about marketing than substance. They're often filled with sensationalist fluff and headlines that aren't factual. They might also contain attacks on opponents, which are irrelevant to us. We care about how the candidate plans to fix issues without passing more unnecessary laws. Plus, attack mailers are disrespectful—they bring negativity into our homes. Cross-check any claims made in these materials with reliable sources and your own research.

Question Generic Promises

Candidates often make vague promises like "protecting your freedoms," "cutting taxes," or "fixing the infrastructure." Don't settle for these empty statements. Ask for specifics. How exactly do they plan to protect freedoms? What taxes are they cutting, and how will this impact the community? Demand detailed, actionable plans. That's the real test of their commitment to conservative principles.

Check Their Community Involvement

Look at their involvement in the community. Are they active in local conservative groups? Do they have a history of volunteer work or taking strong stands on community issues? Grassroots involvement often reflects a deeper commitment to their stated principles.

Final Thoughts

Your vote is your voice. By following these steps, you can make sure you’re supporting candidates who truly align with your conservative values. Elect leaders who will protect our rights, limit government overreach, and uphold traditional values.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and most importantly, vote on June 11. Encourage your neighbors to vote too, because every vote counts. We must stop sending the same old "good old boy" legislators back into office. To protect our state, we the people need to vote and stay involved.

For more detailed analysis and updates on your legislative candidates, check out ConservaTruth’s legislative watchdog articles. We’re here to help you make the most informed decision possible.

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