Preserving Rights: SC's 2024 Showdown

Published Jul 28, 2023

The entire General Assembly of South Carolina, the heart of legislative power in our state, is heading towards the elections in November 2024. This event signifies an imminent storm of contentious topics dominating the legislative calendar. Every single seat in the Assembly is up for grabs, making it a playground for legislators keen on boasting about their zealous support for laws addressing the primary concerns of the good people of South Carolina. These issues are not mere matters of debate but are enshrined in the proposed bills, ready to be launched against Critical Race Theory, Environmental, Social and Governance practices, while striving to preserve gun rights, reform our judiciary, halt transgender surgeries for minors, legalize medical marijuana, create a fresh school choice program, enhance distorted hate crime laws, and potentially even initiate an equine grant program.

While some fellow conservatives in South Carolina may raise their voices in a chorus of agreement with the majority of these legislative propositions, it's crucial to remember that laws rarely act as the guardian angels of our freedoms or the magic wand to our problems. This isn't a conjecture but a hard fact based on my three years of meticulously tracking the legislating habits of the South Carolina General Assembly. Despite numerous laws passed, not one has successfully brought resolution to a problem or restored a precious freedom. Instead, we have witnessed a distressing expansion of governmental reach and financial strain, something every true conservative vehemently opposes.

This leads us to the crucial question of why the 2024 General Assembly election matters. The Assembly, our lawmakers, hold the power to create laws that have the potential to erode our freedoms. If our current lawmakers are indeed guilty of such transgressions, it's high time we, as conservatives, take some bold and necessary steps.

âś“Establish a dialogue with your legislators and let them know that as a staunch conservative, you reject any law that infringes upon our rights. Laws, more often than not, act as shackles rather than shields.

âś“Keep a hawk-eye on your legislators' campaign trail. They may assure you of their unwavering commitment to protecting your rights, but have their actions lived up to these claims? Can they carry this mantle in the future? And do they truly believe they can bear this responsibility without the assistance of their constituents? Lawmakers, sadly, often push their agendas without heeding the voice of their constituents.

âś“Review their voting history. Do they truly reflect the bedrock of conservative principles like limited government, fiscal responsibility, unwavering adherence to the constitution, championing individual responsibility, and safeguarding the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

âś“Are special interest groups singing praises for your lawmakers? If so, it's time to raise the red flag. More often than not, this signifies a lawmaker under undue influence.

âś“If your legislators fail to meet your expectations, vote them out. Fear of splitting the Republican party should not deter you from casting out the same old lackluster legislator. Voting for the same ineffective officials only ensures the perpetuation of flawed laws.

The upcoming election is not just another political event; it is a decisive moment. Be vigilant about your legislator's actions, for if we remain complacent, we'll face an onslaught of laws that restrict freedoms rather than liberating us. This fight is for our rights; every vote, including yours, has the power to turn the tide. Stand firm, and make your vote count.

Here are some resources you can use to keep track of the South Carolina legislative session:

South Carolina Legislature Online: This is the official website for the South Carolina Legislature. You can find information on bills, resolutions, and votes here. Check the site regularly for updates.

SC.Gov: The official website of the State of South Carolina also has useful information about the legislative process and can help you stay updated.

LegiScan: This is an online tool that allows you to track legislation in all 50 states. For South Carolina, it provides the bill’s title, sponsors, current status, and full text.

Ballotpedia: This site provides broad overviews of what’s happening in South Carolina’s General Assembly, including major legislation and key players.

South Carolina Public Radio: Listen to this public radio station for updates on legislation and key political events in the state.

Local News Outlets: Keep an eye on your local news sources, such as Palmetto State Watch, SC Policy Council, The State, the Charleston Post and Courier, or the Greenville News. These sources often report on important legislative developments.

Social Media: Follow your local legislators, political commentators, and relevant organizations on platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get real-time updates and commentary.

Remember, being an informed citizen is one of the best ways to ensure your government is working for you.