Taxpayers funding “universal school choice" is a VERY BAD IDEA!

Taxpayers funding “universal school choice" is a VERY BAD IDEA!

Published March 4, 2024

We keep getting pumped with the phrase “school choice”, but what does that really mean?

You think what the “powers that be” are proposing will really be giving you a choice?

Yeah right, lol. You’re dreaming if you think it’s a choice.

For those legislators that support passing any of the “school choice” bills on the table, when the words “school choice” exit any of their mouths, what they really mean to say is…

Your taxes will be raised and your control over the choice of the school your child must attend will be gone forever!!

If private and religious schools, as well as the homeschoolers, are funded by the public’s tax dollars to support the Education Scholarship Trust Fund, those entities will become public schools, PERIOD!!


The problem begins with the state’s compulsory education law that mandates children, ages 5 through no more than 21 years old, must receive an education. This could be accomplished by obtaining your entitlement to a publicly funded school OR you have a choice to decline the entitlement. Should you CHOOSE to decline the tax provided educational route, you may fulfill the law’s requirement by sourcing your own means to educate your child via using your own income to send your child to a private or religious school OR you can choose to educate your child utilizing one of 3 pathways of homeschooling.


Take the state’s entitlement program,


Provide your child an alternate route using your own means to do so.

It’s a CHOICE of one OR the other, NOT a combination of both.

State law mandates this education requirement, so that means the state must provide it, hence the creation of each state’s dept of education. Now, since the dept is a function of the state, tax dollars fund the endeavors of the public and charter schools (recall charter schools are public schools). Today, it is very apparent that society recognizes public schools are a parent’s nightmare. The fed knows this too. However, federal laws like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) have coerced all states into giving up their sovereignty and have transformed (and continue to transform) their local departments of education to meet the same national education model. Common Core helped to pave this path. ESSA states that “ALL education must be aligned to the same post-secondary readiness standards as laid out in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).” (Quote above from link below) Operation Strategic Alignment: Education Alert! – Common Core Diva

The state’s controlled and operated public schools are failing our children, indoctrinating them with Marxist and socialist ideologies, and successfully seeding them with self-destructive behaviors. Many taxpayers want their kids OUT of these publicly funded prison camps. The state and the fed know this too, so they need to find a way into maintaining control of the content delivered to the children fleeing the public institutions. The state also wants to be able to collect all the children’s personal data so that the state may continue to influence and control future policy changes, and to influence the moral characteristics of the future society of adults better than they control the current generation. But how do they do it if people stop taking their entitlements and stop voluntarily sending their kids to public schools?

Well, that’s where “school choice” comes into the picture. ALL states foresee a mass exodus of the public schools, and they are creating laws as the means to consolidate the states and fed’s power and control over the homeschoolers and the private and religious school sector. This is why we are witnessing a ton of proposed legislation across the nation to create or amend the already codified laws/Funds that dictate the choice sector of education. The strings of this alternative “school choice” pathway come from the requirements of how the “funds” can be utilized to obtain a private and independent (or homeschool) education.

These supposed “school choice” bills will mandate that everyone will no longer have a choice of which school to utilize, because these bills will only solidify that ALL schools will become public schools under control of the state.

The joke is on us, WE THE PEOPLE.

It’s all an illusion that we have a “choice”.

These supposed “school choice” bills will mandate that everyone will no longer have a choice of which school to utilize because these are only just solidifying that ALL modes of a means to an education WILL fall under the control of the state.

ALL schools WILL in turn into publicly funded schools, controlled by the state.


So, the next time you hear anyone say we want “school choice”, tell them the choice already exists.

Sadly, the passing of any of these choice bills will ELIMINATE any choice that remains today.

Welcome to the new world order of the consolidation of power.

SECTION 59-1-40. Scope of State system of public education.

The State system of public education shall consist of such school systems, schools, institutions, agencies, services, and types of instruction as may be provided and authorized by law, or by rules and regulations of the State Board of Education within limits prescribed by law.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 21-4; 1974 (58) 1933.

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