Celebrating More Laws, Really?

Celebrating More Laws, Really?

Published Feb 2, 2024

Recently, a post by Palmetto State Watch caught my eye on X, featuring a snippet from one of their podcast. The heading of this snippet laid out some truly thought-provoking questions: "Do you find yourself becoming a cult follower for a legislator who says they are fighting for you? Are you checking their record? Are they deregulating or just passing more legislation?" These inquiries struck a chord with me, especially considering the current political climate in South Carolina. It posed some hard-hitting questions, prompting me to share my thoughts.

Here's what's baffling: Conservatives in South Carolina are celebrating the passage of laws that, frankly, seem to contradict their core principles. Laws that increase police power, expand government reach, and introduce more regulations – all diluting our freedom. It's perplexing. Since when did conservatives endorse more government control?

Conservatives traditionally uphold principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and minimal government intrusion.

Certainly, laws are needed to protect the public from significantly dangerous behaviors, like drunk driving. However, when creating laws to curb harmful actions, legislators should opt for the "least restrictive means." This approach minimizes infringement on personal liberties while achieving public safety goals.

But, oh dear, South Carolina seems to be veering towards becoming a nanny state, crafting legislation for every conceivable issue. The state is undoubtedly grappling with a myriad of problems, many of which stem from existing laws. Unfortunately, the legislative response has not been to repeal these problematic statutes but to pile on more. This approach hardly offers a solution; instead, it compounds the problem. New laws, often riddled with confusing language and filled with compromises, are not the panacea they're made out to be. The belief that every issue can be legislated away is a flawed one, leading to an overregulated society where personal responsibility and freedom are curtailed. This overreliance on legislation as a fix-all strategy overlooks the importance of evaluating and rectifying the root causes of these issues, which often lie within the laws already on the books.

Before creating new laws, South Carolina legislators should rigorously review existing legislation. Are these laws effective? Are they enforced properly? This process respects legislative efficiency and effective governance, solving problems with minimal intrusion into citizens' lives.

Now, back to my head-scratching moment. We're seeing conservatives, particularly Republicans, applaud SC legislators for enacting laws that seem to go against core conservative principles. It begs the question, as Palmetto State Watch puts it, "Are they deregulating or just passing more legislation?" Why aren't South Carolinians scrutinizing every word of a bill before nodding along with their favorite legislator's feel-good messaging?

I'm not here to cast aspersions on the personal morals of our legislators. My focus is squarely on their legislative actions, particularly those who campaigned and were elected under the Republican banner, promising adherence to principles of limited government and individual freedom. Yet, what we're witnessing seems to diverge significantly from these promises. The actions in question involve passing legislation that appears to expand government reach and increase regulatory burdens, which raises concerns. This discrepancy between campaign promises and legislative realities prompts a deeper examination of the motivations and consequences of such actions, especially in a political landscape where accountability and adherence to stated principles should be paramount.

Most of the bills I've reviewed don't align with conservative values. I've tried to find the silver lining, but I can't justify the expansion of government and additional regulations on individuals. For instance, the recent passing of H4700 and S882, two pieces of legislation, makes me cringe and wonder how a supermajority Republican general assembly and South Carolinian conservatives could be okay with these. If you need more examples, please review our blog for more legislative reviews.

Anyway, in agreement with Palmetto State Watch's thought-provoking questions, I felt compelled to share my perspective.

On another note, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to those diligent constituents who dare to question the feel-good narratives, particularly those cautioning, "That SC legislation your admired legislator is celebrating might not be as beneficial as you think." These courageous individuals delve into the complexities, uncovering truths that often remain obscured. Their willingness to challenge the prevailing narrative motivates us to approach the legislative process with a more critical mindset. Understanding the real impact of the laws governing our lives is crucial, and their efforts underscore the significance of informed citizenship and the necessity of holding our elected officials accountable.

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