Legislating Morality: A Shift from Divine to Man-Made Law and its Consequences

The problem with legislating morality, which the founding fathers recognized, is that once the government starts to increase legislating for goodness, safety or morality, although government always has laws to try to prevent wrong acts, it changes the nature of both the law and morality itself. The limitation wished for with legislating morality, which is why founding fathers recognized that our Constitution and laws were designed for a moral people, is that laws are made by men and enforced by man's government. With a moral people, fewer government laws that define and determine legal behavior are needed, because laws and behavior can be defined more clearly through Judeo-Christian interpretation and seriousness about the consequences of sin--necessary laws, of course because we are all sinners, although perhaps some more dangerously than others. To meet the desired limiting of immorality once morality becomes undefined (which will now be defined by government, i.e. MAN, not GOD), the government can use its power to step in, maybe because the people who are moral have ceased to pay attention to social and cultural changes and they are now a minority, there are those who would like more control--and have created the need for it, people are no longer restrained by spiritual truth, belief in a higher being and power or anything beyond themselves and their wants, or the restraints of guilt and conscience and appropriate consequences, and change agents have succeeded in damaging society to the point where even the moral give in to making laws for their own protection; good people see no recourse for their own safety than to create man-made laws.

Once this happens, because we have tipped the scale to now need MEN to make laws instead of following GOD'S laws, MEN will have to use the police power of the state to control the people, insofar as they want to do so, because people no longer see a need to behave in order to obey GOD and follow their innate knowledge of good and evil (which I don't believe some peoples may have in the way that biblical Christians do). Man must create more laws because most people will NOT obey MAN'S laws unless they are forced, which results in the options of either chaos because limited moral laws aren't sufficient to control self-serving behavior or increased government control with accompanying loss of individual freedom. Once MAN, not GOD is in charge and MAN uses the man-made power (of the government), the police power of the state eventually will become unrestrained. "Morality" will no longer be defined by God. People then MUST be controlled by force, i.e. the police power, to "behave," and they will behave as the government allows. They no longer have the guidance of God because they have removed it from their moral compass; the moral law that God placed in the human heart can be ignored and no longer has any power. There is no guilt and no conscience and therefore little or no restraint about taking what one wants. This fits in perfectly with the goals of any cabal desiring to control the people in our country, who have been more difficult to control than most peoples of the world.

Unfortunately, I further believe that different groups of people have developed different societies than the societal dream upon which America was founded because, by their different group natures, they have different perspectives overall about right and wrong and a different balance between acceptable limitations on promoting self-interest, using force to get what one wants, restricting sexual perversion and gratification in abnormal ways, etc. This was part of what I believe our founding fathers foresaw. They envisioned and created our government system for a country that was largely populated by people with similar backgrounds, ethnic history, and spiritual cohesion. Once that started to dramatically change, everything else did too. Baser human urges easily take over and become more desirable when more and more of a society is able to "enjoy" ignoring the moral constraints that biblically moral people need and want. People have a tremendous tendency to sink to the bottom, not want to rise to the higher standards in effort, behavior or much of anything else when they see the pleasure and enjoyment others are getting away with at their expense. We are at that point, and no amount of legislation is going to be able to control the criminal and deviant or adequately protect the innocent--even if that were what those who are really running the show wanted.

I know this is pretty radical. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had a plan to return Blacks to Africa to live in Liberia? Some people think that is why he was assassinated. In any event, it is my belief that once powerful people realized they could pervert the United States for their own ends and the populace failed to recognize that we never would or could be a "melting pot," we were on the downhill slide. Significant and different cultural and spiritual value and social systems that would not assimilate would not uphold the foundational creeds of this once great country. Useful for the globalists, not so great for the rest of us, particularly if we are not in the groups who need help (or license) to enjoy what was created over the past 200+ years in terms of prosperity, opportunity, and equality as the founding fathers saw it. The invasion at our border will ensure a dismal end.

It has not helped that we have mostly become too comfortable, too prosperous, and too removed from having to worry about the necessities required to sustain life. This is also why I decry the loss of individual responsibility. The indoctrination and desecration of our minds and moral character have been so easily accepted by those who might have perpetuated this great nation. We have lost our way in a misguided effort of trying to give what our founding fathers created to everyone in the world and believing this could happen. It is backfiring big time.