A Comparison Between the Boiling of a Frog and the Proposed SC State Legislative Bill S-285, Summary: Providing Academic Choice in Education (PACE/ACE)

A Comparison Between the Boiling of a Frog and the Proposed SC State Legislative Bill S-285, Summary: Providing Academic Choice in Education (PACE/ACE)

Part 1

Why do RED states go through a transformative process and come out the other side BLUE?

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the boiling frog, but just to put a refresher out there, here’s the metaphor described by freedictionary.com

Boiling frog | encyclopedia article by TheFreeDictionary

“Version of the story from Daniel Quinn’s The Story of B

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.”

“The boiling frog story is generally offered as a metaphor cautioning people to be aware of even gradual change lest they suffer eventual undesirable consequences. It may be invoked in support of a slippery slope argument as a caution against creeping normality. It is also used in business to reinforce that change needs to be gradual to be accepted.

Oppositely, the expression “boiling frog syndrome” is sometimes used as shorthand to invoke the pitfalls of inaction.”

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The question of how you boil a frog alive, is really a great comparison of how a RED state turns BLUE, or how a once conservative community turns significantly left.

So, how did California, Pennsylvania and several other once RED states in our country transform into a BLUE state in just a few decades?

For as complicated, convoluted, confusing, and time consuming the progression of the transformations of those states may have been and continue to be, the answer to that question is pretty basic.

I’ll give you a hint.  It’s one word composed of 11 letters.

I’ll spell it first.

“L”, “E”, “G”, “I”, “S”, “L”, “A”, “T”, “I", “O”, “N”

Now I’ll say it for you.


I’m not suggesting all legislation is the problem.  There are countless examples of well needed laws to control civil order.   For the most part, many of those beneficial laws that have been established in the past have not experienced much mutilation by future reform.  I’m specifically talking about the bills that not only manage to get lobbied into law, but then that same passed bill proposal (now turned law) was really a primer for the next phase of firming up the true intentions of the freshly passed law.

All laws that exist today that govern us started with someone’s idea of how to rule and control the cultural aspects of the masses of society for the good of the whole.  The laws that are written are supposed to guide civil order amongst one another while living side by side with each other being recognized as individual human beings with God given freedoms and rights of protection.  However, as over thousands of years of history of civilizations have demonstrated to us, where there is someone in power, their power over people can and has been easily abused by the people’s sense of blind trust in their leaders. The virtues and sins that we have all been taught in our religious upbringings are the key to maintaining balance and respect towards one another.  WE THE PEOPLE have entrusted our elected officials not to abuse their power.  We expect the same from all leaders, in all aspects of our daily civil order of governance, to not abuse their power. However, societies’ blind trust in their leaders have also allowed their virtues of goodness to be exploited by our leaders.

One of the first signs of a RED state turning BLUE comes from when WE THE PEOPLE blindly-trust our elected officials. It takes a considerable amount of time and dedication to build trust amongst separate entities.  Many successful people, businesses and industries have learned and been trained with the mentalities, that once trust is established between any two entities, that sense of trust can then be used to control subjects into believing there is trust worthiness established. Once trust is solidified, subjects will follow and will work whole-heartedly for any mission their leaders design, even if it’s at the subject’s detriment.  

(Side note:  To find out more about building false trust, you can research the programming tool called “Smart Trust” which is a course created by FranklinCovey.  Smart Trust | FranklinCovey)

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It’s the same concept of how a cult controls their victims.  First, for a cult to get someone to follow their lead, trust needs to be built amongst the cult leaders and their unsuspecting victim.  There are many proven ways this scenario can play out.  After trust is built, the victim will follow suit to whatever their masters tell them to do.  Trust can be built by relating, and/or sympathizing, and/or manipulating the feeble minded, as those victims are easily persuaded into agreeing with a cult’s messaging.  This process plays out similarly to how you boil a frog alive, without the frog knowing it. The messaging of the cult also seeds division between their victim and their perspective and value system. Once the victim pledges loyalty built on false trust, the cult can control the victim at the detriment of the victim, which in many cases, is also at the detriment of society and cultural acceptances.

So now I will bring this back to legislation.  As the years slowly pass by, there have been some intentional makeshift laws that will never be considered sufficient enough.  Now mind you, not all laws that are being passed are truly necessary.   Lobbyists (often funded by nonprofits) spend a lot of time using their nonprofit’s researched and cherry-picked data to create a story to sell their product and/or need of services.  The created story is a necessary piece of the puzzle of the nonprofit’s funding source. These stories are imposed on legislators with the intent to convince and plague them with the nonprofit organizations’ demanding their imaginative ideals that WE THE PEOPLE need the bill they’re lobbying for.  This lobbying process is a program that is repeatedly followed in hopes to persuade our legislators (and sometimes WE THE PEOPLE) that we need the government to save WE THE PEOPLE with their nonprofit and cherry-picked, researched, evidence-based programming services.

(Side note: The newly created legislative terminology to look out for, of which will appear in the current transformation process of SC Law, Title - 59 Education, is “scientifically-based”.

Bills that want to amend current education laws suggesting to remove the phrase “evidence-based “and replace it with the next newly rebranded educational term  “scientifically-based", is a scam.  

See proposed bill S-905 Summary: Read to Succeed)

2023-2024 Bill 905: Read to Succeed - South Carolina Legislature Online (scstatehouse.gov)

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Nonprofits and lobbyists are well funded and often successfully trick WE THE PEOPLE that we have a dire need for the nonprofit’s services.  It is at that point WE THE PEOPLE are tricked into desire and are convinced that we need the services of the product we were just programmed and sold into believing.  The demand then places the nonprofits’ lobbied, and cherry-picked, researched, evidence-based services mandated into state law.

It's all programming called psychological warfare.

If the nonprofits service is mandated in state law, then the government must supply the service of the state’s mandated law.

As you may know by now, the government needs money to fund the laws they force compliance onto WE THE PEOPLE.  As a result, tax laws are modified and an increase of fees are imposed onto WE THE PEOPLE, because the government now needs to provide and pay for a service the lobbyists convinced them they needed to rule upon. For some reason, many nonprofits and lobbyists believe they know better than the individuals (often referred to as WE THE PEOPLE) all the while profiting from their mandated ideas of ruling.  History proves to us that many of those in power are convinced they know better than those they rule.  This is because those leaders were trained to believe that way, due to their “compulsory education” life requirement that was mandated upon them through state law. The mentality of the general public has been groomed to believe their “ruler” knows best as many were programmed with this idea in the schools that they were forced to attend, run by the government. 
(For more information about compulsory education visit:


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Some nonprofits sell a solution to a problem they don’t solve, but their services make the problem they say they will solve all the bigger. 

The nonprofits get paid by taxpayers to provide the services the nonprofits provide back to the taxpayers. The reason the nonprofits are in business is because they managed to successfully lobby the legislators that mandated the services created by the nonprofits into becoming the financial responsibility of the taxpayer, because it is a requirement of the state law.  There is always some sort of special interest behind every lobbied bill. The ones with the money and power are the same ones who rule over the people and control the “roost”.  In the subsequent years of passing a new law, the makeshift laws that initially get passed, are often ravished, and/or repealed, and/or are replaced by other sections of law.  It is the bills that amend the current laws that are the true wolves in sheep’s clothing.

To be certain and specific, the legislation that turns RED states BLUE are the nonprofit supported bills that get passed into law and then undergo a consistent and constant manipulation, which in turn transforms the initial reasons of the proposed bill that started the cycle of changing a state’s law, decades prior.  This same concept also applies to federal legislative practices.

Many of these bills we hear being debated about all come with a risk of loss of our God given rights and freedoms.  The mentality of the lobbyist operation is to sell a solution without fully understanding the problem.  As a generalization, the non-profit association operations industry is only concerned with selling the masses of the services and products they provide to WE THE PEOPLE. That’s their job and how they support their families and personal pocketbooks.  Many times, they don’t bother to truly consider the depths of the consequences of their actions, and there always is a subset of the population that exists among us as individual human beings, that get hurt by their ideals and programming tools.

The devil is always in the details of these programs and many times the details get made up as time passes by.  The details are made up by nonprofits that are funded by grants, often supplied by the government.  To pass laws that benefit the nonprofit organizations that were funded by the government and other special interest groups, it is not an unusual practice that the government and special private industries provide nonprofits with grants to do research to produce the evidence-based studies necessitated to create a story the lobbyists need to later con legislators with.

So why are some of these evidenced-based studies used in a nonprofit organization funded by the government?  Federal legislation like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) mandated that evidenced-based researched programming tools be used in the system known as educational institutions.


How a RED state turns BLUE has a lot to do with legislative law changes over extended periods of time, all stemming from unnecessary initial laws that were created and manipulated to tighten the noose of control around the necks of WE THE PEOPLE a little bit more.  It’s done slowly over time, year after year, just like you would increase the temperature of the water the frog sits in, that boils it alive.

The laws morph in one generation and a lot of these laws are tied to our compulsory education systems paid for by WE THE PEOPLE.

We are being boiled by legislation just like the frog described at the beginning of this essay.

Student education is mandated by law known as compulsory education. The state created this law.  The law says you must educate your school-aged child for the benefit of the child and the benefit of society. But since this is a mandated law, the state must provide your child a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  FAPE must be provided “free” by the state (aka at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE) because the state says you are obligated by law to send your child into an educational institution.

(Quick fact:  According to a South Carolina government site, the current estimated cost to educate one student for one year in this state is on average $17,463.)

Revenue Per Pupil and Education Finance Act Projections | South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office

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How a RED state turns BLUE is through the state’s constant education reform forced through by state legislative changes.

One of the main foundational causes that force conservative areas to turn significantly left has to do with school programming.  Now, I am not arguing that there aren’t many other factors that play into this transformation, but traditions and moral perspectives have been lost and reshaped in one generation via the educational system and the programming tools schools utilize, often provided by 3rd party vendors, which are usually nonprofit associations or organizational produced materials and resources. 

Much is lost through the programming tools used in schools.  Solidified control over a state’s schooling system (daycare through university) is a key piece used in turning a RED state BLUE, and it is accomplished through small and calculated policy and legislative changes stretched out over long periods of time.

It’s the government’s cradle to grave model and the formative process to lead us to living in a controlled nanny state.

There are a variety of proposed legislative bills this season that scream TRAP!!  Many are using false language in their summary titles to describe the intent of the bill, and many are made to look like sweetly, wrapped, candied apples.  Unfortunately, when the wrappers come off, and the details of the bills play out, one quickly starts to realize, the initial proposed bill was a false advertisement wrapped around sour apples that are rotten at their core.

So, why write this essay about boiling frogs, RED states turning BLUE, conservatives swinging to the left, and some of South Carolina’s proposed bills that will either add, change, or repeal laws that govern our current way of life?

 While there are many, there are several bills that send shivers down my spine.

The SC General Assembly is considering passing a bill known as S-285 Summary: Providing Academic Choice in Education (PACE) (aka ACE/ the alternative “school choice” bill when compared to Educational Savings/Scholarships Accounts (ESA).  S-285 will repeal section 12-6-3790 that is found in SC law in Title 12 – Taxation, Chapter 6 – SC Income Tax Act and replace it with a new income tax code referred to as 12-6-3791.

S-285 currently lies in the Ways and Means Committee.

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Part 2 - A Comparison Between the Boiling of a Frog and the Proposed SC State Legislative Bill S285
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